Welcome to the webpage for the UMass Boston Caucus for a Democratic Union (CDU). The CDU is an independent group of faculty members who seek to promote greater democracy, empowerment, and participation in the UMass Boston Faculty Staff Union (FSU).

We are committed to working together for:

  • A union that engages with, represents, and encourages rank-and-file member involvement, activism, and leadership
  • A union that is accountable to members and transparent and open in its work
  • A union that welcomes and incorporates critical feedback
  • A union that defends academic freedom and proactively organizes against attacks on faculty
  • A union that stands in solidarity with other workers and other unions, on campus and beyond
  • A union that fights for the urban mission and for our students
  • A union that advocates for full state funding of public higher education
  • A bargaining process that mobilizes members and is open, transparent, and accountable
  • A union that fights for social justice and equity in our union, in our workplace, and beyond
  • The election of FSU leadership who share these goals

The CDU is independent of the FSU, and is not officially sponsored by the FSU. Learn more about union caucuses.

You can join us by sending us an email (if you are a member of the UMass Boston FSU): umb.cdu

CDU Success in the UMB Faculty Staff Union

In order to ensure that the FSU is more transparent and open to member engagement, the CDU has organized to propose a number of initiatives passed by union members:
  • Introduced and passed a motion to establish an organizing committee and fund an organizer. We believe the FSU should devote more of its limited resources to organizing and mobilizing members. This motion instructs the FSU to establish an organizing committee that will oversee the hiring of an organizer -- by buying out one course of an NTT faculty, who will then be released to help organize the FSU. (Fall 2018)
  • Introduced and passed a motion to more fully explore options for increasing equity in dues payments. This motion seeks to achieve greater equity in union dues by developing a tiered structure that ties the amount one pays to salary levels. (Fall 2018)
  • Introduced and passed a motion to examine the FSU budget process in order to ensure that members not only have earlier access to the proposed budget, but that there is a process to better enable member feedback and contributions. Members need to understand and shape how their dues are being spent. (Fall 2018)
  • Requested that the FSU Executive Committee post minutes from General Assembly meetings publicly on the website in a timely manner. (Fall 2018)
  • Introduced and passed a motion for the FSU to publicize the policies it passes. Members need to be aware of the policies that guide the FSU. (Spring 2018):

CDU Solidarity in Action

The CDU promotes an FSU that is actively engaged in social justice struggles beyond the FSU, on campus and in the community. Recent activities:
  • CDU is now a formal member of the Save UMB Coalition.
  • CDU members recently walked the picket line with striking hotel workers on Friday, Oct. 5 at the Ritz-Carlton in downtown Boston.
  • CDU members protested on Sept 24 with the Massachusetts Teachers Association against the union busting funded by Pioneer Institute. Pioneer is the Massachusetts affiliate of the right-wing network that has supported anti-union cases and been sending union-busting propaganda in the aftermath of the U.S. Supreme Court’s Janus decision.